MBA + CEP + DM + SAP - (PGPLE) Post Graduate Programme in Leadership & Employability

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    Study, Learn & Become A SAP Global Consultant

    SAP is the market leader in ERP. It is estimated that 77% of all global transactions come in contact with SAP software. The SAP ERP software system is the collective term for SAP’s functional and technical modules that enable enterprises to manage business processes through a unified system. At present, about 80% of SAP’s clients are small and medium scale enterprises. SAP is known as a company which helps large companies but SMEs is the potential market. Hence, learning SAP is critical.

    SAP is offered by the Institute in three modules:-

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    Post Graduate Programme in Leadership & Employability (PGPLE)

    PGPLE is the flagship course of the Institute. It includes more than 480 hours of employability and leadership programmes and has been designed in such a way that it bridges the gap between the skills of the students and the skills required in the corporate world.

    Who is it designed for

    Programme Flow : It is a two year program, first year being the “core” terms and the second year will be the “electives” terms. The flow of programme will be as per the integrated course.

    PGPLE Specializations

    Agri- Business Management

    Banking & Financial Services

    Human Capital Management

    Your future awaits your decision, for details...

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